Yes, of course. As discussed above, we have several safety measures in place to prevent incidents as much as possible. However, dogs jostle one another, run and bump into things, and tug and nip at one another during play, so there will always be some inherent risk of injury in any situation where dogs play together. In this sense, doggie daycare is often akin to a contact sport. Just as it is not surprising for a child to come home with a few scrapes and bruises after playing basketball with friends, it is not unreasonable to expect occasional injuries when your dog interacts with other dogs. Another thing to keep in mind is that dogs interact with their environment and with each other using their mouths, and those mouths happen to have sharp teeth. You should expect occasional injuries if you intend for your dog to interact with others. However, unlike most public playgroup situations where you never know what to expect, you can rest assured that every dog in our facility has gone through the same temperament-testing process as your own, and we monitor and control our playgroups very closely. You never have to worry about your dog being exposed to an aggressive animal while it is in our care.