Your dog’s leash, food, treats, and medication. There is no need to bring your dog’s food bowl or water bowl, we provide these at no charge. We have hundreds of stainless steel bowls, which are very safe and which we clean and sanitize daily. Additionally, there is no need to bring your dog’s bedding. We provide our own house bedding at no charge that is very soft and that can be easily cleaned and sanitized daily. It is not recommended that you bring anything precious or valuable to you, because there is always a chance that it will be lost and/or damaged while your dog is boarding. For safety reasons, we do not accept any items made of glass, ceramic or any material that can easily shatter or splinter. If you have a special toy or something else you would like to bring that you feel will make your dog’s stay more comfortable, please feel free to call and discuss it with us. We will be happy to accommodate if we can. Our goal is to make your dog’s stay as safe and comfortable as possible.