When is the latest I can pick my dog up from bathing/grooming?2020-01-23T16:03:52-06:00

You can pick up any time before closing. 

What is the pick-up time for daycare?2020-01-23T16:17:16-06:00

You can pick up from daycare any time before closing.

What is the drop-off time for daycare?2020-01-23T16:18:51-06:00

As soon as we open (the earlier the better), but no later than 1pm. By mid-afternoon, the dogs in our playgroups will have been playing together for hours and will have an established social “pecking order,” so any dog that enters the group at that point may have a more difficult time settling in.

What is the drop-off time for bathing/grooming?2020-01-23T16:04:39-06:00

8AM-10AM Mon-Sat. Bathing/grooming appointments are not available on Sundays (except for dogs that are boarding with us and picking up that day).

What is the drop-off and pick-up time for boarding?2024-06-11T21:49:39-05:00

Monday-Friday, 7am -6pm, Saturdays 8am-4pm, and Sundays 4pm-6pm. It is best to drop off earlier in the day to allow your dog plenty of time to get settled in.

What is included in your bath price?2020-01-23T16:05:02-06:00

Our baths include bathing, drying, brushing, nail trim, ear cleaning, and gland expression. Grooming includes all of that, plus a haircut and/or additional services (teeth brushing, de-shedding, etc). Please specify which services you prefer when making the reservation.

What if I don’t want my dog to board in a kennel?2020-01-23T16:06:43-06:00

We may be able to board your dog individually in a play area versus a kennel. Note that since we only have six indoor play areas, availability is very limited and priority is given to elderly dogs and dogs with incontinence or other health concerns. Please ask about availability of play areas for boarding when making your reservation.

What happens if I forget to pick my dog up?2020-01-23T16:01:22-06:00

Don’t worry! We’ll take care of them for the night, and you can pick up next day, as soon as we open. If you forget to pick up your dog, you can rest assured that s/he will be well taken care of and will receive appropriate food, water, and bedding for the night.

What forms of payment do you accept?2024-04-18T08:06:16-05:00

We accept cash, Visa, MasterCard, AMEX, Discover, Apple Pay, and Google Pay, but not checks. Payment is due when services are provided. Consider prepaying, especially if someone else is picking up or you’re running late.

What do I need to bring for daycare?2020-01-23T16:16:49-06:00

Just your dog and his/her leash. However, if you would like to bring a lunch or mid-day snack, please feel free to.

What all do I need to bring for boarding?2020-01-23T16:09:09-06:00

Your dog’s leash, food, treats, and medication. There is no need to bring your dog’s food bowl or water bowl, we provide these at no charge. We have hundreds of stainless steel bowls, which are very safe and which we clean and sanitize daily. Additionally, there is no need to bring your dog’s bedding. We provide our own house bedding at no charge that is very soft and that can be easily cleaned and sanitized daily. It is not recommended that you bring anything precious or valuable to you, because there is always a chance that it will be lost and/or damaged while your dog is boarding. For safety reasons, we do not accept any items made of glass, ceramic or any material that can easily shatter or splinter. If you have a special toy or something else you would like to bring that you feel will make your dog’s stay more comfortable, please feel free to call and discuss it with us. We will be happy to accommodate if we can. Our goal is to make your dog’s stay as safe and comfortable as possible.

Should I bring my dog’s food when I board them?2022-03-07T22:29:32-06:00

Yes. Bringing your dog’s own food will keep your dog’s diet steady and will help prevent any potential digestive issues. Please note that we cannot accept food containers made of glass, ceramic or any material that can easily shatter or splinter. If you forget to bring food, we can give your dog our House Food for a nominal fee of $5 per day.

My dog doesn’t socialize well with other dogs. Can you just board them separately?2020-01-23T15:59:54-06:00

We do not accept dogs that do not socialize well with other dogs. Our goal is to offer a safe, clean, and positive environment for dogs to run around and play in large groups with other dogs, and our facility is designed around that concept. If your dog does not socialize well with other dogs, we recommend in-home pet care, or possibly boarding at a facility where the dogs are kept separate, but given lots of individual sleeping space and plenty of individual attention and exercise.

Is there anyone there overnight?2020-01-23T16:07:14-06:00

All kennel staff leave shortly after closing time, but we do have overnight security personnel for the complex. We also have a state of the art security and emergency alert system with remotely-monitored cameras and sensors. All of our managers live within a 5-mile radius and are on-call 24-7. After the kennel staff leave, all dogs are safe and secure in their own separate kennels. It is extremely quiet here after closing time, as all the dogs drift right off to sleep after a long day of running around and playing with their friends.

Is there a fee for not showing up for my dog’s scheduled grooming appointment?2022-03-07T22:31:30-06:00

No, but depending on our availability you may be asked to provide a non-refundable grooming deposit when you make a future reservation.

If I pick up my dog from boarding late in the day, do I get charged for daycare?2020-01-23T16:08:15-06:00

It depends on when you dropped off. Overnight boarding is charged per night, but includes care for up to 24 hours. For example, if you dropped off at 10AM, one night of boarding would include everything up to 10AM the next day. So, if you picked up at 6pm the next day, you would get charged one night of boarding plus one day of daycare.

I know my dog’s personality and I know they will be fine. Do I still need to do the trial day?2020-01-23T16:16:00-06:00

Yes. Just like kids, a dog’s behavior will be different depending on the situation. Your dog may be comfortable at home, in your neighborhood, at the dog park, or even at another daycare, but there’s no way for us to know how they will react to Piedmont BARK until they actually experience it. Doggie daycare can be a very high-stimulation environment, and it can be a bit too overwhelming for some dogs. Additionally, your dog’s behavior may be completely different when you are present than it is when you are absent. We want to make sure your dog is comfortable being in our playgroups while you are absent before we confirm any reservations.

I have more than one dog, but they’re not the same size. Will they be in separate playgroups?2020-01-23T16:14:51-06:00

Yes. We always keep dogs separated based on size, age, temperament, and physical condition, even if they are siblings. We can board siblings of different sizes together, but do not place them in the same playgroup.

How long is the trial day? Do I need to be there for it?2020-01-23T16:16:19-06:00

We ask that your dog stay with us for at least six hours on the trial day. You do not need to be there for it. Simply drop off in the morning and pick up later in the day. We will call you midday to let you know how your dog is doing. We ask that your dog stay with us for at least six hours so we can get a good idea how they will respond to a full day in the Piedmont BARK environment in your absence.

How long does it take for my dog to get a bath/groom?2024-04-18T08:07:01-05:00

Grooming takes 4-8 hours, depending on the dog’s size, coat type and condition, and service type. It may take longer during busy times. Dogs dropped off by 10am are usually ready by 4pm, and often earlier. You can specify a pick-up time any time after 4pm or request a call when ready.

How do you prevent the dogs from fighting?2020-01-23T15:59:24-06:00

We have several safety measures in place. In general, dogs prefer to settle their differences without resorting to violence. Some posturing and body language along with a few grunts and growls are enough to settle most disputes. With that being said, all dogs have the potential to get upset at each other, just like people. Additionally, some dogs are not properly socialized from a young age, some have unfortunate experiences that affect their future behavior, etc. Therefore, we have the following safety measures in place:

    • Every dog must meet certain admission requirements before being accepted, including attending a trial day and going through a “temperament test,” during which we evaluate their behavior to see how well suited they are to our type of environment. Doggie daycare is a high-stimulation environment, and it is not suitable for all dogs.
    • Our staff members are trained to read canine body language and look for signs of potential aggression, to step in before an incident happens, and to use humane and effective preventative measures such as redirection of focus, positive reinforcement, audible correction, squirts of water, or time-outs when needed. Note: Piedmont BARK staff members are prohibited from using corporal punishment of any kind. Please do not ask us to “smack” or “pop” your dog if they misbehave. We won’t do it.
    • We are proactive about keeping owners up-to-date on their dog’s behavior. We inform owners immediately if any behavioral concerns are observed, and recommend obedience and/or behavior modification training as needed. Dogs should at least have good name recognition/recall before entering a group play situation. We do not have trainers on staff, but we do try to reinforce basic obedience. Specific behavior-modification training must take place outside of the daycare environment.
    • We turn away any dog that we deem a risk to itself or others. This includes dogs that display repeated, excessive, unprovoked, or unpredictable aggression.
    • We place all dogs in an appropriate playgroup based on size, age, temperament, and physical condition.
    • We regroup dogs that seem too shy or overbearing for their current playgroup.
    • We are very careful about how we introduce dogs into an already established “pack.”
    • When moving groups of dogs from one area of the facility to another, we do so in a calm and methodical manner.
    • We never allow valuable resources (such as food, treats, or toys) into the playgroups, as dogs are naturally inclined to guard them.
    • We intervene in play behavior that gets too rough, inappropriate, or out of control.
    • We intervene in dominance stand-offs before they escalate into aggression.
    • We remain calm and monitor our own behavior and body language to ensure we’re sending the right signals. We carefully watch how the dogs respond to our presence and change our behavior as appropriate.
How big are the playgroups?2020-01-23T16:14:23-06:00

Each of our six playgroups typically consists of 10-30 dogs (including overnight boarders). We max out at 130 dogs. With over 10,000 square feet of run space, each dog has plenty of room to play.

Do your staff interact with the dogs while they’re in the playgroup?2020-01-23T15:58:28-06:00

Yes!! We just LOVE petting and playing with our canine friends! All of our staff are definitely “dog people.” Most have their own dogs at home, which they get to bring to work with them every day (of course, we’re careful not to go overboard with petting or play favorites, as some dogs get jealous). Occasionally we’ll take a break from petting and let the dogs romp around with their friends for a while, but we’re always right there in the play area with them. Our staff will spend hours upon hours interacting with the dogs and getting to know each of their names and personalities by heart. Like a teacher with his/her kids, it truly is a rewarding experience!

Do you offer after-hours pick-ups?2024-06-11T21:48:13-05:00

Yes, you may be able to arrange a late pick-up, up to 30 minutes after our regular business hours, depending on staff availability. For safety and security reasons, we require at least two staff members to be present for any late pick-up. As a result, late pick-ups might not always be feasible. If you anticipate being late, please contact us as soon as possible, and we will attempt to arrange for staff to stay and wait for you. There is a $40 fee to cover the additional staffing required for a late pick-up. Please note that we do not offer late pick-ups more than 30 minutes after closing time.

Do you have webcams?2024-04-18T08:07:36-05:00

We’re on Facebook and Instagram, posting daily dog photos. If you want your dog featured, just tell us! We’ll try to snap a fun picture.

Do you charge extra for play time while my dog is boarding?2020-01-23T16:07:44-06:00

No. Our business is built around the concept of all-day play, so the playtime is included in our boarding charge. All boarding guests spend the majority of the day playing/socializing in one of our large, indoor, climate-controlled play areas with dogs of similar size, age and temperament. All dogs go outside at least six times throughout the day.

Do dogs ever get hurt when playing?2020-01-23T15:58:55-06:00

Yes, of course. As discussed above, we have several safety measures in place to prevent incidents as much as possible. However, dogs jostle one another, run and bump into things, and tug and nip at one another during play, so there will always be some inherent risk of injury in any situation where dogs play together. In this sense, doggie daycare is often akin to a contact sport. Just as it is not surprising for a child to come home with a few scrapes and bruises after playing basketball with friends, it is not unreasonable to expect occasional injuries when your dog interacts with other dogs. Another thing to keep in mind is that dogs interact with their environment and with each other using their mouths, and those mouths happen to have sharp teeth. You should expect occasional injuries if you intend for your dog to interact with others. However, unlike most public playgroup situations where you never know what to expect, you can rest assured that every dog in our facility has gone through the same temperament-testing process as your own, and we monitor and control our playgroups very closely. You never have to worry about your dog being exposed to an aggressive animal while it is in our care.

Can you administer my dog’s medication while boarding?2021-08-09T02:10:21-05:00

Yes. We can administer any form of standard medication.  Please bring detailed instructions. Note: please bring pills in a separate container and do not mix them in with your dog’s food. To protect the safety of all dogs, we keep all medications in a secure location in the facility and its administration is tightly monitored and controlled.

Can my small dog play in the large dog playgroup (or vice versa)?2020-01-23T16:15:18-06:00

For safety reasons, small dogs stay in their own designated play areas, boarding areas, and outside area. It may be true that your big dog prefers to play with small dogs (or vice versa), but the same may not be true of other dogs in the group. Additionally, placing dog of different sizes in the same playgroup would increase the chances of accidental injury, and we obviously want to reduce the possibility of that as much as possible.

Can I bring toys?2020-01-23T16:08:45-06:00

Yes. We will be happy to give your dog their own toys to play with in their kennel while being supervised. However, since many dogs are possessive/aggressive around toys, we do not place toys in the playgroup. Also note that the only toys we can leave in the kennel overnight are so-called “indestructible” toys like Kong® brand toys.

Can I bring my dog in off-leash?2024-04-18T08:09:49-05:00

Always keep your dog leashed and attended to in the lobby, as it often houses multiple dogs. Unattended dogs can potentially harm themselves, others, or people. Be mindful of common leash aggression and closely monitor your dog.

Can I board my dogs in the same kennel overnight?2024-04-18T08:08:05-05:00

Yes, if a large suite is available, your dogs can be boarded together. But they’ll be separated at meals for food intake monitoring.

Are the playgroups always supervised?2024-04-18T08:08:58-05:00

Yes, our experienced staff constantly supervises all playgroups, with a ratio of about 10 dogs per staff member. Staff assignment varies from 1-3 per playgroup, based on dog size and number. Our open floor plan ensures constant team communication.

Are reservations required for daycare?2024-04-26T17:25:06-05:00

Daycare reservations, while not typically necessary, are recommended to secure your dog’s spot. Notifications about required reservations will be communicated a month in advance via lobby notices, Facebook, and email. Contact info@piedmontbark.com for queries. To ensure safety, we limit playgroup sizes and only admit reserved dogs on full-capacity days.

Are reservations required for boarding?2024-04-26T17:24:25-05:00

Yes, reservations are required for overnight boarding, with potential last-minute accommodation for existing clients. We’re usually fully booked a month ahead of major holidays. Please note that a trial daycare day is mandatory for all dogs before confirming any reservation.

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