Dog Boarding in Atlanta

Whether it’s for a night, a weekend, or a bit longer, your canine family member will just love the amenities and benefits of Piedmont Bark in Midtown Atlanta. Boarding guests spend the majority of their day playing and interacting with dogs of similar size and temperament in one of our six spacious indoor playrooms. At night and during meal times, each guest receives a private, secured area for sleeping and eating. Guests are taken outdoors at least three times a day for a break in routine, fresh air and to “do their business”. And of course, all dogs receive lots of love and petting from our caring attendants throughout the day.

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When boarding your dog, we recommend that you bring your dog’s regular food and treats. Keeping your dog’s diet steady will help prevent potential digestive issues. We will gladly accommodate diets that require refrigeration. If you choose not to bring your dog’s food, we will serve your dog our premium house food for a nominal charge. Please note that we cannot accept food containers made of glass or porcelain, or any material that could easily shatter. Additionally, please do not place medication in your dog’s food. For safety reasons, we keep medication in a separate, secured area where its administration is tightly monitored and controlled.

There is no need to bring your dog’s food bowl or water bowl, we provide these at no charge. Additionally, there is no need to bring your dog’s bedding. We provide our own house bedding that can be easily cleaned and sanitized daily. If you have a special toy or something else you would like to bring that you feel will make your dog’s stay more comfortable, please feel free to call and discuss it with us. We will be happy to accommodate if we can. Our goal is to make your dog’s stay as safe and comfortable as possible.

At our Midtown Atlanta location, dogs may arrive Monday through Friday from 7:00am – 6:30pm, on Saturday from 8am – 5:00pm, and from 4:00pm until 6:00pm on Sunday. Reservations are required, but we may be able to accommodate last minute reservations for registered dogs.

Please note:For major holidays, secure your reservations early with a $100 deposit per dog due to high demand.

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